Living Room Paint Colors

Living Room Paint Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Living Room Paint Colors

Living Room Paint Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

No unforgettable do it yourself living room makeover is complete without those fabulous finishing details like great paint color.

With the walls as your canvas, living room paint can transform a space to embody any style or mood that you desire. The right color can evoke anything from a sleek contemporary feel to cozy and inviting relaxation. As you stand at your local home improvement warehouse staring at that daunting display filled hundreds of vibrant paint swatches you may be asking yourself what color should I paint my living room. Here, our expert designers will give you fabulous insight into picking the best living room paint color for your space.

Whether you are looking for the most popular living room paint colors this season, or handy tips on achieving that professionally decorated look at home, our do it yourself guide will help you create the room of your dreams. In no time, you will find fabulous design solutions perfect for any space. 

Living rooms are oftentimes the centralized gathering place of a home so it is important that the interior décor is up to date and inviting. A fresh coat of paint will instantly modernize a room without requiring you to spend an arm and a leg selecting new furniture, draperies and décor. Many DIY remodelers feel pressured to select the best living room color combinations immediately, prior to any other decisions. This should not be the case. Your living room designs will be shaped by textiles, luxury furniture and accessories much more than by simple wall paints.

When selecting the color palette for your space, first find a creative inspiration piece such as an elegant throw pillow, a unique piece of art or your living room furniture. Let this element be your guide when choosing paint colors. For example, find a cool blue from your favorite watercolor painting or get inspired by a subtle grey from throw pillow fabric. Continuing your color palette through all décor elements will give your space the cohesive look of those beautiful living rooms found in popular designer magazines.

  • When beginning your makeover from scratch and selecting brand new furniture, carpet and accessories it is important to identify your general color ideas for living room early on.
  • There are two major genres of color palettes – warm or cool tones – and each bring a different unique design style to your space.
  • Warm colors are those with yellow or gold undertones and blend well with beige wood work and rich textiles.
  • Cool paint colors for living rooms are rooted in greys or cool blues and bring a crisp contemporary feel to a space.
  • In order to achieve a professional and cohesive look throughout your new space, it is important to keep all decorative elements – from carpet to draperies and wall color -within the same genre, because one off shade will often stand out like a sore thumb.
  • The most popular modern design ideas of generally emphasize a cool color palette. Rich dark hardwoods, combined with ice blues and velvety greys bring an air of relaxation to the space, perfect for a gathering place enjoyed after long work days.

Unsure whether you should select a warm or cool palette, your favorite home décor magazines or hgtv shows provide a great resource for fabulous living room wall paint color ideas. Find a design style that you love and then identify the underlying tones and color palettes that define the space. Sometimes the most unexpected hues will take the look of a room to the next level. For example, rather than achieving a neutral palette with classic tans, beiges and whites, bring current trends into the space by selecting popular interior paint colors in subtle coordinating tones of cool greys and icy teals.

Then accent the space with beautiful rich wood floors, elegant moldings and unique ceiling details. A simple contemporary update to colors for living room walls like this will instantly modernize the space and, in turn, increase the value of your home. The best colors for living room, accentuate the unique details of your space while lending a subtle background to décor.

When selecting living room colors, special consideration should be paid when preparing your home for resale. Relators agree that color schemes for living rooms should be neutral and welcoming, allowing potential buyers to envision their family and their furnishings in the space. This is not the time for bright colorful living rooms or bold paint choices. The perfect neutral colors for your space do not have to be bland and boring, however.

Feng shui colors are a great place to draw inspiration from when working with a neutral palette.

The attention to soft colors and organic furnishings characteristic of this décor style is very welcoming to potential buyers because it does not distract from the inherent design and architectural details of the home. Bold and whimsical colors can then be incorporated throughout the space via wall art and décor, giving your living room personality without overwhelming buyers with particularly finicky design preferences.

When selecting new paint colors, don’t forget to incorporate the hottest design trends to ensure that your home is both beautiful and up to date. Bringing contemporary color into your décor is all about the unexpected elements and whimsical surprises. This concept can be translated into your living room colors as well. Instead of selecting a popular ordinary grey hue, bring in a fun variation. For an unexpected twist on classic living room design ideas, try a grey with undertones of pink, green or gold to put a new spin on style.

When experimenting with wall colors, paint a small section to test the hue before committing to changing the entire space. Note how colors appear throughout the day in order to ensure that your space will look fabulous in all lighting conditions. While a color may look absolutely fabulous in pictures of living rooms, it may not work well within your home.

Finally, remember that ceilings offer another great opportunity to have fun with color and bring another dimension to the room. Rather than bland white ceilings, try a dark color against light walls or vice versa.