Modern Interior Designs

Modern Interior Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Modern Interior Designs

Modern Interior Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Whether you're renovating your home or designing your dream house, there are a lot of different styles of design that you can choose from.

Modern decor ideas for home design is known for having simple proportions, open areas with abundant natural light, clear lines, and a monochromatic color scheme. One popular design is modern home design. A form of order and simplicity is established by using clean lines and simple colors with very little ornamentations and decorations. With this style of home design, even the modern furniture ideas have strong clean lines with deep wood tones or hard-edged metals being used.

The exterior of a modern home design ideas often has large expanses of glass, flat or shallow-pitched roofs, unornamented walls, and strong connections to outdoor space. Adding to these wood or metal tones is rich textured fabrics, deep-seated upholstery pieces, and modern style lighting design that offers contrast and softness to the room. When designing a modern home you want to be sure to keep the paint colors simplistic, but without making the room seem sterile.

This can be done by incorporating a few traditional details into the room like patterns, textures, and materials that will accentuate the sleek modern finishes of the home design.

The dark monochromatic, simple, strong lines and tones that are seen in modern home design often allow for the perfect setting for accent pieces and dramatic wall art decor and paint colors.

The addition of artwork and textural accents can keep the room from feeling sterile and add a warm, rich, and comforting feel to the space. Interior lighting fixtures are also another important aspect to consider when designing a modern room or home light fixtures can also be used as an accent piece or a form of artwork to add contrast to the dark, sleek lines of modern design. You can choose from simple indirect lighting, recessed lighting, or pendant lighting to add a simplistic feel to your modern home design. Any room of the house can be updated to have a modern design whether it be a modern kitchen, a living room design, a modern bathroom ideas, or a bedroom design you are looking to create, it is easy to make any room modern.

For a living room you can create a modern design with paint colors by choosing one piece of furniture such as a couch or love seat that is a simple but classic such as black, brown, or red, and add some accent pillows to this couch with elaborate designs to allow for contrast.

The addition of a coffee table or end tables near this couch will also add some accent to the piece while also keeping the room simplistic.

Another accent piece that can be added is a modern looking rug you can add a rug of any size to the living room that contains some of the accent colors of the couch and pillows so that it can a nice contrast to the room. Modern bedroom designs can be created using the same idea as living room designs by choosing a bed frame that has simple, hard lines and adding little touches to accent the furniture.

The idea behind this design is to create alfresco living space from an outdoor space, allowing an easy indoor-outdoor flow to the house. These accents can be modern pieces of artwork, brightly colored and textured throw pillows or blankets on the bed, or even other bedroom furniture like dressers or mirrors that have unique shapes to them.

Area rugs that have matching colors to the bedding can also be added in the room to show some contrast and modern feel.

When creating a modern home design, it is important to keep to simple plans that will make the most out of the least. The elements used in modern home design are able to enhance a space and make it more attractive and appealing to others. Keeping to monochromatic color schemes with simple bright accent colors can enhance a room. Sleek, solid, and simple lines using deep wood tones or hard-edged metals combined with rich, textured contrasting fabrics are most common with modern kitchen designs.