Arbor Designs

Arbor Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Arbor Designs

Arbor Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Many homeowners are looking to spruce up their backyard, garden, or patio but they don’t have enough time to spend hours and hours rebuilding a deck or designing an elaborate home garden.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort in fixing up your yard. You can spruce up your back yard or deck with the simple addition of arbor pergola design ideas, a decorative archway made of wood and lattice. This article focuses on DIY arbor design ideas that can be incorporated into landscaping to enhance the look of your yard to help you create the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Arbors varies in size and shape and they can be used as yard décor, or as deck covering ideas. Once you have decided the specific area in your yard, you can determine the size of the arbor you would like to build. Arbors vary in size, depending on their function. 

Arbors are great additions to any backyard they can be added to your patio landscaping, providing a beautiful walkway into your yard or acting as a decorative seating area in the corner of your yard. If you are looking for pool patio ideas, arbors can also be placed along side, acting as a small, slightly shaded area, or an entrance way onto your deck. An arbor is a wooden structure that creates a shaded walkway or seating area for your yard, patio, or garden.

Timber wood deck arbor designs are a type of gazebo that is made of vertical posts connected together with lattice work to provide a nice decorative element. If you are planning on building your own arbor or gazebo, the first thing you will want to do is determine where you would like to place it.

If you are planning to use it as a decorative element your arbor does not have to be too large, however if you plan on incorporating seating into your arbor or using it as patio awning cover then you will have to build it larger. Then next step to building and arbor is the look you would like to create. Arbors can be designed in a variety of different ways they can be very straight and angular, or they can be rounded and more like an archway.

Once determining the style you can purchase your materials and begin to build. You will need wood for the four main support posts as well as for the top of the arbor. In addition to this you will need lattice work to cover the sides, and the top if you desire. You can purchase different sized lattice work depending on how large of spaces you would like between the woodwork.

Once your arbor is built and placed in your yard you have the option of decorating it.

Many like to keep the look traditional and just have the free standing wooden arbor placed in their yard or garden however you can spruce up the color by adding various types and shades of wood deck stain or paint. In addition to painting or staining, you can add a few accessories to personalize your arbor.

You can place a bench underneath the arbor to provide seating and a place to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. When looking at arbors or pergolas for deck roof ideas, keep in mind that arbors are not completely closed off so there will be openings in this type of roof that will not protect you or your deck from moisture and sunlight. If you would like a little bit of shade while you spend time outside you can hang curtain panels on the sides of the arbor to block the sun and provide a nice cool area to sit in.

  • For those with more of a green thumb, you can purchase some climbing foliage, such as vines or flowers, to create a beautiful flower garden arbor.
  • This type of arbor can be built large enough to cover your whole deck or it can be a simple decorative piece added to your deck.
  • However, when the arbor is built to be large and wide enough to encompass the whole deck, it is often referred to as a pergola.

Arbors are a great addition to your home garden design because they can act as an entrance to the garden while at the same time are a piece of the garden itself with plants growing around and on top of the structure. A pergola is very similar to an arbor in structure however it is designed to support plants and is often used for outdoor seating. No where you place it, arbors are great additions to any yard or garden and are easy ways to improve the overall look of your home. In addition to freestanding arbors, arbors can be incorporated into your deck design ideas and can act as a roof.