Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior Color Schemes - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior Color Schemes - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

When choosing the best exterior paint colors for houses and outdoor structures, there are some key components and tips to consider.

Before you begin painting, search around your surrounding neighbor houses to get a feel for what colors go best.  Also pay close attention to the siding and trim colors along with patio and front stoop.  Perhaps if youre friends with that neighbor you can ask them what color names they are.  Choose exterior paint color combinations that blend nicely with your environment, especially with accents.

This article focusses on helping you find the best exterior house color schemes.   We offer the top paint color charts that make choosing your favorite house colors easier than ever. Whether you are needing exterior paint colors for brick, stone or siding, home design ideas will help you find the best scheme for your curb appeal desires.

Time to figure out and purchase the new exterior colors of your home. Visit your local home improvement store and gather a large variety of the best exterior paint colors.  These paint cards are strategically put together by home color experts and also offer great recommendations on combining and matching.  You may also research by looking through magazines and seeing what exterior color combinations those professionals recommend.

Through these magazines you can find a lot of colorful photos of homes.  We recommend starting out with Behr, Glidden, and Sherwin Williams paint colors as they are definitely the most popular. Once you gather all the exterior paint color cards and pictures of homes you love, spread everything out and begin creating the best exterior color schemes for your home.   When visiting the paint store, bring pictures of your home along with the dimensions and any current color names you are aware of.

The dimensions and exterior colors of your current home will help the experts figure out how much paint you will need to buy, along with choosing the most popular siding colors, best exterior paint brands and accessories to help make the job easiest. 

The first step is finding the new house siding ideas that match perfectly to your design styles.  About a month before you begin choosing paint colors or siding your home, assess your house and understand what materials the surfaces are constructed from.  Some outdoor materials like bricks, stone, shingles and tile are not possible to change, so you can begin evaluating color combinations that will matching nicely to your existing environment.

  1. Some of the best exterior paint color schemes will off set your current environment perfectly ehancing the beauty.
  2. As you can see from our colorful photo gallery of homes, off set greens and yellows are in demand.
  3. Start off with the most popular exterior paint colors and or siding and hold them up against your house to get the best feel.
  4. An alternative is to take pictures of your home and match your favorite colors with the computer.
  5. After your narrow do your favorite house siding colors, purchase a small quart of 3 or 4 of the top paint colors you love. 

Gather color sample swatches and hold them up against your home. Check out popular brands including Glidden, Behr, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr exterior paint colors. Pin up patches of the best siding colors on the front of the house and especially next to the brick, stone, tile and window trim.  Be sure to put the sample color swatches in lit up areas with the sun along with shadowed areas as both can illuminate a different look.

Add any trim colors you also selected to go with your new siding.  Remember, when chooosing Glidden paint colors, they should always be in the same color matching family as the new siding.  The most popular color for your front door, try to find an accent that adds the best curb appeal to your home along with blending with any current or future landscaping design ideas.  After your have pinned all your new exterior color ideas around your house, view them during the morning, day and night to see how they may change based on sunlight, landscape lighting and other changes in lighting.