Paint Color Combinations

Paint Color Combinations - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Paint Color Combinations

Paint Color Combinations - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Exterior paints, stains and siding are the best protection for your home against Mother Nature’s harsh weather choices.

These exterior house materials and outdoor paints will determine how long the colors will last with their original brilliance all while protecting your home's new look.   These factors are decided by the quality of the exterior paints and materials you purchase, along with DIY preparation and the actually application.  When choosing the best exterior house paint for your home, the key is durability, performance, resistance to mold, mildew and ultraviolet rays.

Along with the protection level of your outdoor paint, stain and siding, a new coat can also aesthetically enhance the design and curb appeal of your home.  Find the best exterior paint color scheme that is harmonious with neighboring houses and your beautiful landscape design ideas. 

New house siding and exterior paint schemes begin with those colors that already are in place.  The most popular exterior paint color schemes in are using true combinations of brilliant colors.  Examples include warm exterior colors like beige and off white creams combined with bright white trim around windows and on rails.  These light shaded neutral colors bring a warm and inviting appeal to your home as most desire.

Bright white exterior colors appear fresh and clean around the windows helping bring in more light to the eye and complimenting your chosen exterior paint colors.  Light fixtures also help blend the color offset look bringing out the beauty of your home.  Also look to painting additional outdoor home features such as shutters a darker shade to help further work the enhanced white trim look and neutral colored home.

Browse our online photo gallery of new and old designer exterior layouts to find the best house siding colors for your home.

The alternative to paint is find the best house siding materials to not only guarantee a long-term protective color, but also seal your home against harsh weather conditions and add a dimensional look and feel with shadows.

House siding is the best material to cover the framework of your home while sealing and protecting from wind, harsh weather, and insects.

  • Some of the more popular siding materials include wood, brick, stone, aluminum and vinyl siding colors.
  • Be sure to consider the strength, performance and cost of each before making a choice.
  • Natural siding materials will cost more but also last longer and definitely more durable than the alternative.
  • Browse our online photo gallery of homes to help you find the most popular house siding colors for and find the best look for your diy home design ideas.

When choosing exterior paint colors for your home, neutral colors are very popular including light blues, greens and pale yellows as they help brighten the home.  These exterior colors highlight the home areas that you want seen for an amazing curb appeal.  The latest trends also include earth colors with gray undertones and light browns for trim.  Some of the most popular brands fall into Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams exterior paint.

Pastels and brighter exterior colors such as red, bright blue, pink and green are moving towards the next generation design trend.  Before choosing the best exterior paint color, look through magazines and browse our gallery of home design photos and see which houses match the look and feel you most desire. Things to look closely at are finding the colors that not only enhance the exterior of your house, but also match your current or future landscaping design ideas.