Brick Patio

Brick Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Brick Patio

Brick Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

A brick patio can be a great addition to any home because it not only adds to its resale value, but it can also enhance the beauty of your exterior design.

It can be the perfect place to incorporate outdoor furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and a dining table and chairs to sit and enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends. For those of you who love to throw summer parties, adding a brick patio to your backyard can provide the perfect location for the event. The best type of materials to build your patio out of is brick.

This will make your patio look beautiful and add a touch of color that normal wood or concrete cannot. If you are in need of inspiration to create your plan you can search through our outdoor brick paver patio designs, ideas, pictures and plans gallery. Learning how to brick a patio is a simple task that can help you create the beautiful exterior design you’ve always wanted. As the weather begins to get more beautiful moving into the summer time you may find yourself wanting to enjoy the great outdoors more often.

  1. There are many different materials that you can build your patio out of, including flagstone, concrete, wood, and brick.
  2. However, the most popular material to use for a patio is bricks and stones.
  3. These materials are being used more often because it adds a unique and beautiful look to your outdoor design.
  4. Adding landscaping with brick to your home will create a traditional look to your exterior and also provide you with a strong and durable surface that can be used often.
  5. Things to keep in mind when designing your new patio is the costs of materials.
  6. While a cost of a brick patio may be a little more than that of wood or normal concrete, you are getting a more aesthetically appealing design.
  7. You can visit your local home improvement store to get a quote for a brick patio cost per square foot.
  8. While brick prices may seem at first, one thing to consider is that they require very little maintenance.
  9. Brick paving blocks are easy to clean and do not require routine refinishing treatment like outdoor tile for patio or wood does, you just hose them off.

There are many brick paving companies that you can contact to either purchase stones from or have them lay the patio for you. Lowes pavers are one type of brick that you can purchase at an affordable price. If you are not familiar with brick patio pavers you can always have a professional come in to install your stones.

However, if you are an avid do it yourself project master than building a brick patio can be an easy diy weekend project. While laying a brick patio can take up a lot of time, it is not a very difficult project. There are many online tutorials that you can follow to learn how to lay the most beautiful patio in your yard. Before building your patio you will want to decide on a design plan for your yard.

There are many different backyard brick patio design ideas in our online gallery that can help you decide on the perfect plan for your home. There are many different techniques used to lay brick to give you beautiful and intricate designs for your patio. Taking a quick look through our online gallery of brick patio photos can give you some inspiration for your project. 

Some popular brick patio patterns that you may wish to choose from are running board, circular, basket weave, and herringbone.

The running board is a classic pattern that gives a clean look and is very common in patios as well as brick walkway designs. For this pattern you lay the bricks in similar arrangements throughout irregular rows. The circular brick patio, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to install. For this pattern you lay your bricks in circular designs spreading out from a central point.

While this is a more difficult design to complete, it creates a unique and sophisticated look for your patio. For different brick front porch ideas, you may want to consider the basket weave pattern. This design consists of squares of two bricks that point in opposite directions. For this easy design you simple lay two bricks horizontally to create one square, and adjacent to that you lay two bricks vertically.

Finally, the herringbone pattern is a unique design that lays the bricks in diagonal rows that are sporadic in direction. This zigzag pattern creates a traditional and formal appearance that can be great for any yard.

You may wish to include a brick patio fireplace in your design to get the most out of your outdoor space. Laying a brick patio can be a simple task for you to complete on the weekend. When building a patio you will want to make sure that you have flat and stable surface to use as your foundations. In the area where you wish to lay your patio, dig six to eight inches around the entire space your patio will lay.

In order to prevent weeds you will want to cover the area with landscaping fabric so that there will be proper water flow, but the growth of unwanted plants will be prevented. First place layers of soil, sand, and gravel on the fabric to make a smooth and even surface. It can be helpful to wet the area with a hose before you begin to place the bricks.

Brick patio edging can be created by placing the bricks in a different orientation that the rest, be sure to keep at least a quarter inch between each block. After laying the bricks in the specific pattern you desire, apply another layer of soil and sand to fill the cracks, again coating it with water to provide a smooth seal. 

There are many different easy patio ideas that you can incorporate into the exterior design of any home. Building a patio out of bricks is a great option because they are easy to install and also require very little cleaning and maintenance. If you already have an existing patio but wish to make it brick, this is can be an easy transformation. Laying brick over concrete patios is not difficult and can be a simple weekend project.

While planning your brick patio, you may want to consider additional features to incorporate, such as outdoor kitchen designs. Having a specific area to cook while outside can be a great addition to any patio. This provides you with an easy space to prepare food for family meals or when entertaining at parties. Another great addition that can be fun for your family or events is a fire pit.

There are many patio ideas with a fire pit that can turn your dull area into an outdoor wonderland. Use this fire pit to roast marshmallows and other foods during parties or simply sit around it to absorb the warmth on a cold night. No matter the design, a brick patio can be a great addition to any back or front yard.