Front Porch

Front Porch - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Front Porch

Front Porch - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Although backyard design ideas with decks and patios are very popular for extending your living areas outdoors, front porches are a very important part of your house as well.

  • Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular because they provide you with yet another room in your home to enjoy.
  • Front porch designs are one of the most important outdoor areas to focus on because the front of your home is the first thing anyone sees.

Adding a porch to the front of your house will not only create an excellent space for you to enjoy time outdoors, but can also increase the curb appeal of your home. Similar to our previous patio design ideas, this article discusses front porch makeovers for the DIY homeowner to improve the look of your home and create the perfect outdoor sanctuary to relax in.

There are a variety of different design options for your front porch. However, the key to creating the best front porch design plans is to make sure that it matches the overall look of your house.

When searching ideas for front porches keep in mind that they are meant to showcase your home and add more aesthetic appeal to the look of your house. Try to create porch design ideas that accentuate the style of your house. If the outside of your home is contemporary style, then you should try to have your front porch match that look.

Likewise, if you have a Victorian home, it is best to match your porch with that style. Once you have determined what kind of style your home evokes, then you can begin to create your porch. Research front porch photos of your corresponding house style and try to get ideas from there. Once you have determined the general design idea, the next step is to decide where exactly you want to build your porch. Try to pick a landscaping area of your front yard design that is somewhat shaded and is blocked from the wind.

A covered patio design is popular for front yard ideas to help keep those hot days cool and rainy days dry. After choosing an area for your porch, you should measure out the space to see how much room you will have to build. The available space will decide how big your porch can be. You can have a small front porch that sits directly in front of your home or you can create a more elaborate look and have your porch curve around your house into the back yard.

  1. This allows you to have both front and back porch designs that offer endless decorating ideas.
  2. Determining the size of your available area will also help you to weed out a few design ideas and let you know what is possible and what is not.
  3. There are many front porch roof ideas that you can choose from, ranging from a wooden roof, to simple pull back awnings.
  4. Having your porch covered with some sort of roof will enable you to use it more often because it will protect you from rain and snow. 

The type of front porch roof covering you choose depends on the style of your home and your personal preferences. If you plan on spending a lot of time relaxing on your front porch, you should considered screening it in. Screened in porch designs allow you to enjoy your time outside without having to deal with pesky mosquitoes and bugs and protects your area from animals and other insects.

There are many screen porch ideas for any style home. You can have screening from floor to ceiling or you can have window like screens above your deck railings. If your design layout utilizes the best patio flooring is raised a few feet above the ground, it is a good idea to incorporate railings into your plan. You can build a railing that acts as a wall to provide some privacy on your porch or you can have a traditional style in which the railing acts as a fence to the rest of the yard.

Front porch railing designs have a lot to offer and most times are required by law to have before selling your home. To get an idea of what these look like and the style you would like to achieve, research pictures of front porches before settling on any one design.

Once you are finished building your front porch, or for those of you who already have one, it is important to consider how you are going to decorate it. How to decorate a front porch depends on your particular style and the style of your home. There are many different seating options for your porch, and some of the most popular ones include outdoor sofas and rocking chairs.

These seating options provide your porch with a cozy feel and will allow you to relax comfortably while outside. It is always nice to incorporate outdoor patio furniture with a few chairs to allow you to sit and relax, or enjoy the company of others. Other front porch decorating ideas include garnishing your area with holiday décor.

Front porches offer the ability to adorn your home with Halloween and fall decorations or garnish it with holly during the winter months. There are endless ideas outdoor living areas that can be incorporated into your front porch or backyard deck that will turn your home exterior into a beautiful haven that you can enjoy year round.