Garden Patio Ideas

Garden Patio Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Garden Patio Ideas

Garden Patio Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Nothing could be more enjoyable than spending a warm afternoon in a beautiful garden patio, especially when that great space is located in your very own home.

The best vacation spot can sometimes be just outside your back door, so why not create a relaxing outdoor retreat in that unused patio space. A fantastic way to enhance outdoor living areas is incorporating a versatile patio perfect for intimate sitting areas or great entertaining spaces. Regardless of your yard size, budget or architectural design style, our best garden patio design ideas and pictures can be implemented in any home to enhance exterior living areas and give your friends and family a unique refuge.

The most popular garden patio design trends feature unique materials, extravagant furnishings and whimsical elements. From the latest beautiful patio and garden plans to great decorative backyard furniture and décor, our online showroom will inspire you to transform that drab and desolate yard into a beautiful outdoor garden patio.

Revamp those boring and forgotten exterior living areas just in time for the warm months of spring and summer. Great garden patios, vibrant plant selections and unique hardscaping elements combine to create a beautiful outdoor retreat perfect for an afternoon of relaxation or evening entertaining. Get inspired by our easy patio and garden ideas that will quickly transform your space on any budget or skill level.

Before embarking on your next home and garden makeover, browse our latest galleries of award winning outdoor living areas for great inspiration of how to make the most of that lackluster patio space. Always remember to design your outdoor remodel to blend well with existing exterior architecture and decor schemes, ensuring that the new layout appears as a seamless extension of your home.

Then incorporate lavish features such as unique fire pits, built in grill tops or even cool outdoor bar ideas to create a space that is as entertaining as it is functional. The sky is the limit, with a little creativity your outdoor dream design can become a reality.

With the wide variety of design plans and décor options available there are several important things to consider when planning your new patio. For example, always keep in mind your region’s climate and weather patterns, then plan appropriately. In areas known for blistering summers, incorporate floors pace for essential large patio umbrellas to shield guests from the sun and install custom fans to circulate air throughout the space.

  • Consider shading a portion of your patio by incorporating a pergola or large awning for even more protection from the elements.
  • For areas prone to cooler summers and chilly evenings, include inconspicuous patio heaters to ensure that your outdoor living areas can still be enjoyed comfortably late into the night.
  • Unique fire pits are another wonderful addition for this purpose, as not only do they provide warmth but they can also be quite beautiful as well as a great feature for outdoor entertaining.
  • Look for fire pit designs that blend well with the style of your space and are also size appropriate.

A frequent complaint of our readers is the lack of privacy from neighbors in their outdoor living spaces. If you want to add more seclusion to your patio area, utilize our creative ideas to increase privacy without sacrificing design. For example, colorful flower gardens filled with lush foliage can bring a striking natural shield to patio spaces.

Choose vibrant ground cover to border patio areas then taller flowering bushes or topiaries near the edges of the space to create an isolated outdoor room. If you want this intimate feel but are stuck with an existing patio that is quite large and bare, incorporate raised garden beds on concrete to mimic the feel of a warm garden-side space.

These decorative containers allow you to break up vast expanses of concrete with beautiful foliage as well as section off cozy nooks and sitting areas within a larger patio space. Check out our great galleries of garden oasis photos for ideas of how to include these features in your own outdoor design.

One of the most essential features of patio design is outdoor lawn furniture. Patio furniture sets make your outdoor spaces functional for entertaining as well as infuse those areas with great style. Beautiful teak patio furniture is very popular for and included in nearly all high-end designs. You can find an endless variety of pieces made from this exotic material perfect for any space, from great outdoor dining sets to Adirondack chairs.

If teak is too pricey for your budget, consider resin wicker patio furniture instead. This all weather wicker holds up great to the elements and provides that quintessential garden-side look to your patio. Incorporate a gorgeous wicker outdoor sectional with thick comfortable cushions to create a cozy sitting area perfect for relaxing on a spring day.

Remember, patio and garden décor does not need to break your budget, for cheaper alternatives get creative and think outside of the box. Shop during off season periods or right after warm months to find great deals on patio furniture sets.

Incorporate the unexpected into your outdoor spaces through fun and whimsical details. One of our favorite unique décor trends of is simple vegetable garden ideas that you can include on your patio. The latest products for container growing allow you to grow produce in small unconventional areas. You can bring a vegetable garden into patio spaces via large versatile pots or specifically engineered containers that do not require traditional large soil plots dedicated to crops.

These are especially good small patio ideas for townhomes and apartments because container gardening allows you to have the fresh herbs and small produce that would otherwise be unavailable to city dwelling home owners. Even better, a patio garden container will provide not only delicious fresh produce for your family, but can also add a unique decorative element to patio areas as well.

Choose pots in bright vibrant hues to add a fun pop of color to boring unused corners or even hand paint pots with custom designs perfect for your space.