Outdoor Patio Bar

Outdoor Patio Bar - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Outdoor Patio Bar

Outdoor Patio Bar - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Outdoor bars are a popular addition to any exterior living space, providing you with a gathering area. Custom designed patio bars are seen in both commercial places, such as restaurants and hotels, as well as residential areas.

An outside bar is most commonly found in areas with warmer climates because they can be used more often, however they can be built in any environment. There are a variety of different types of bars you can install in your backyard, however the most popular set up is a patio bar. Although they can take on almost any type of design, how to build a patio bar is simple because they must all contain the characteristics of a pub.

The most common features include a counter with storage for food and alcohol, accompanied by bar stools and tables with some type of overhead patio cover. For further design inspiration, continue reading about the top outdoor patio bar ideas plans and pictures to help create the ultimate diy cocktail lounge in your backyard.

  • The type of patio design plans you choose from for your outdoor bar will set the atmosphere for your entire experience.
  • The size of your bar will depend on the size of your home, however, home bars tend to can range anywhere between 3 and 15 feet in length. In addition to the size, the shape of your bar can vary as well.
  • Popular bar top shapes include rectangular and L-shaped.
  • They can take on circle, square, or oval forms as well.
  • When designing your patio bar, the most important thing to consider is what its function will be.
  • Bars can be incorporated into any type of patio as a free standing structure or in addition to a kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen designs with bars tend to place them next to a cooking area or as an L-shaped extension of the counter space to entertain guests while cooking. If you do not have a large enough patio to build and outdoor kitchen, a smaller bar can be installed as well. A portable bar with simple countertop and small storage space can be placed anywhere on your patio.

When constructing and outdoor bar, it is important to choose the right design scheme that will create a welcoming environment and serve your needs. One of the most popular and essential aspects of the simple patio design ideas and the type of atmosphere you would like to create. There are numerous different décor schemes to choose from, however, some of the best home wet bar ideas include a classic, modern or tropical styled set up.

Classic bars tend to take on the look of old 1950’s pubs, incorporating dark stained woods with intricate carvings into their countertops combined with ornately styled pub chairs or wood bar stools. This type of design works best with brick or concrete patios. It can add a sophisticated look to any wood deck design. Another popular approach for both indoor and outdoor home décor is the modern style.

Modern outdoor bars set a calm and soothing atmosphere for your exterior living space and provide you with a stylish place to entertain friends. Modern designs focus on simplicity and make use of clean cut lines, cool colors, and sleek materials.

The most popular materials to use in a modern styled bar are concrete, glass, and stainless steel. Many do it yourself homeowners prefer the traditional grey color of the concrete, which is perfect for modern patio flooring ideas. However, decorative finishes such as paints, stains, or stamping can be added to your outdoor floors to create a more aesthetically pleasing surface for your patio.

When choosing the outdoor dining furniture for your modern styled patio bar, consider using pieces that maintain sleek, and clear cut lines. When choosing your seating options, make sure to keep in mind the counter height. The best patio photos show that the modern bar stool style tends to have high, metal chairs set underneath a glass or concrete countertop. Swivel stools are a great choice for your bar because they provide easy access to the bar and other areas of the room. If you require additional seating for the area, consider incorporating a wrought iron patio set for extra seating room and a space to eat a meal.

Another fashionable trend for outdoor patio designs is an exotic tropical theme. Tropical bar themes are a favorite among homeowners with swimming pools in their backyards. The most popular way to add a tropical flair to your outdoor space is to build a tiki bar. Tiki bar plans create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere similar to that you would find at a beach.

Outdoor pool bars can be highlighted with bamboo frames and thatched roofs or umbrellas. Teak furniture is a common accessory to any tropical styled patio space and can be used in bar stools, dining sets, and roofing structures. Teak wood is one of the top choices for outdoor furniture because it is strong, durable, and extremely weather resistant.

Wicker chairs are also great for a tiki styled patio bar because they are reminiscent of a tropical oasis. Other outdoor furniture that is great for a tropical bar include bright comfortable lounge chairs, hammocks and large spacious wood dining sets. You can find a variety of patio design pictures of personalized tiki bar designs in our outdoor photo galleries.

If these styles are not appropriate for your tastes, consider creating a personalized bar design of your own. If you are at a loss for ideas, a great place to start is by looking at your existing backyard patio and your home. Some of the best patio ideas are those that match your house and blend together your indoor and outdoor spaces. Consider using the same construction materials as those that were used to build your house.

For example, if your home or patio is made from brick, think about using this material to construct your bar.

You can find a variety of designer bar stools to include in your plan, such as wood, metal, or resin furniture. White bar stools are commonly used in cottage, modern, and traditional styled bar themes because it is a universal color and matches almost any décor. A patio covers can be added to your outdoor bar to create an overhead structure that will protect you from rain or sun, allowing you extend the time you can use the area. No matter what style you choose, your outdoor bar will become your favorite room in your home.