Small Patio Designs

Small Patio Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small Patio Designs

Small Patio Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Designing a backyard can still achieve a stylish and peaceful environment by building a tiny patio or trying small deck designs.

However, it can be a difficult challenge designing your small backyard with an outdoor patio and deck with cool landscape design ideas that maximize the space available while not giving a crowded feel for your home. This article focusses on teaching how to build a small patio layout and decorate it to effectively give a larger appearance while providing luxurious outdoor designs for the household and entertaining guests.

With proper diy planning and research the best patio design ideas for your small yard you will become a reality for your custom landscape footprint. 

Start by measuring your backyard dimensions and sketch where you want the patio to be. If you’re unsure on the perfect spot for your outdoor living areas, download free patio design software and follow the simple wizard tool to enter the dimensions and let the computer offer several building recommendations that are ideal for your small yard.

A big problem with a small patio in your yard is the lack of shaded areas. Most small backyard ideas don’t have large trees offering shade from the sun or room to permanently build a fixed patio roof awning for rainy days. With that said if you desire covered patios for small yard designs we recommend investing in a retractable awning roof. While they are more expensive compared to a fixed awning or outdoor canopy, the retractable awnings let you manage the weather and environment as it’s presented to you by Mother Nature.

Considering the limited backyard space you have to work with, having a retractable patio awning design enables you to enjoy the sun and stars while the sky is beautiful. At the same time, with a retractable awning you easily have a patio awning roof cover during rainy days or when the sun is unbearable.

Once you have the patio built, it’s time to decorate your outdoor living area to make your dream design and accommodate your family and guests. Garden designs and ideas with colorful flowers, vegetables, and herbs are always a plus to help bring a calm summer oasis feeling to your small backyard. In addition to adding beauty, patio gardens can be quite inexpensive to build and act as excellent patio ideas on a budget.

Instead of digging a patio flower garden in the ground and taking away from the limited space available, plant in gorgeous containers and flower pots tucked away in the corner of your small patio to help save space while adding more beauty to the flowers and surrounding area. Small patio gardens are great ideas for backyard patios can be designed using small containers, flower pots, baskets, and raised beds.

Don’t just focus on gorgeous flowering plants, but also consider a variety of vegetables and herbs making an artistically lovely area while offering you kitchen cooking more variety. Although not cheap, teak outdoor furniture is a great choice for a small patio layout as the beauty of the wood will keep your guests focused. In addition, teak patio furniture is very durable and will withstand the harshest of weather during all seasons of the year. 

Teak wood is also perfect as outdoor pool furniture being resistant to the constant splashing of water and heavy play. For a small patio, teak chairs and tables can be displayed when needed for entertaining and stored when not in use to keep from a cluttered appearance. Foldable and stackable chairs are perfect for a small yard to help easily store them away in an outdoor shed, indoor closet or garage when not needed.

When you’re designing a small patio, the placement of the furniture plays a huge role in to make the small space appear larger. When it comes to small patios, our rule is too little is better than having too much for diy home design ideas. The more empty space in a small area will help it appear larger. Find small patio furniture that functions in more ways than one. Look for outdoor tables that have patio storage areas underneath while not taking away from the luxury appearance.