Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Another option, stamped concrete patio designs in combination with outdoor painting colors, is very similar to dying the material.

Two differences are that stamped concrete patio paint can only be applied after the textile has been poured and set, and typically contain a weather proof finish to ensure they can withstand the outdoors. Another way to create a colored concrete patio is to stain the material.

Patio staining is different from traditional wood deck painting in that it infuses into the concrete to create translucent tones, rather than settling on top to produce a solid and opaque finish. You can use this floor stain to create a variety of looks ranging from natural stone to polished granite, or even stained wood. Although cement stain colors come in a variety of colors, there are only two main types that can be used, including water-based acrylics and acid-based chemical stains.

Just like painting, concrete acid stain works different than wood deck stain by infiltrating the surface of the material and reacting with minerals to create a permanent color that will not fade. When water-based acrylics are used on stained concrete flooring, they react in a similar fashion, however can be used to create a more opaque finish.

Some of our most popular patio photos in show yards in which these stains were used, how they can be used to create polished concrete floors with different textures or patterns, and the myriad of colors in which these products are available. Stamped concrete or patio pavers are other options that can be used to create decorative designs in this outdoor living space. The choice between stamped concrete vs pavers is more of a personal one, as both options will create similar looks. Similar to concrete molds for patios, stamps are used to create a variety of patterns in the cement before it dries.

If you have a raised patio you can even purchase and install precast steps with stamped concrete patterns to match those that you installed on the patio.

Concrete patio stones and pavers are different from stamps in that they are single, prefabricated units that are laid down and interlock together to form a decorative surface that can be used immediately rather than waiting for it to dry.

Some pavers also come in kits to help you with your designs and the installation process. If you have a preexisting slab of cement in your backyard you also have the option of laying patio pavers over concrete to create a stronger, more durable deck, plus save time and money on tearing up and removing the old cement. With an exposed aggregate concrete patio in your best backyard makeovers but it is a little outdated, worn from weather, or has a few cracks in concrete from over use, there are a few easy diy things you can to spruce this space up.

Besides the cost of a stamped concrete slab and hiring a professional contractor to tear up the preexisting patio can reach upwards of $1000, so why not try a few DIY tricks at home first. Stamped concrete ideas or staining the concrete is a simple and straightforward do it yourself option, however restoration is another popular choice.

Resurfacing concrete can be accomplished by purchasing a specific resurfacer product that can be found in almost every home improvement store. First wash your existing patio before pouring concrete from the resurfacing mix, as it will allow the new cement to adhere better. Once the stamped concrete patio is thoroughly washed you can start to mix, form, and pour concrete from the resurfacing kit onto surface of your patio.

Spread the concrete evenly over the existing patio design plans to ensure proper coverage and fill any cracks or unwanted crevices.