Sunroom - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Sunroom - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

One addition that is becoming increasingly popular these days is building a sunroom attached to your house.

  • In the past sunrooms were used to house plants or to sit and enjoy some casual downtime with company.
  • However, homeowners are now beginning to use a sunroom as more than just a small sitting area, they are becoming very similar to a living room.
  • Families can sit and enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months while still being in the warmth of their home.
  • No matter what the style house you have, there are many sun room designs ideas and photos that you can search through to find the perfect addition for you.
  • Searching through our pictures of sunrooms can give you some great inspiration for your home design.
  • You can either have professionals construct your addition, or you can even learn how to build a sun room on your own.
  • This webpage will help you decide on the best design ideas for the additions to your home.

A sunroom is very similar to building an outdoor living area, only the space is enclosed by walls. You can sit and enjoy the beauty of your backyard while staying safe from inclement weather. Sun porch designs often consist of a building that has three walls full of windows or doors. This can be a much better option than screened in porch designs because you can keep yourself warm or cool.

These sunroom glass windows are usually clear glass, as opposed to frosted, so that you can easily see outside. In essence you are building a glass enclosed porch to be used to admire the great outdoors while also protecting yourself from wind, rain, and bugs. Enclosed patio rooms are perfect for those people who enjoy sitting outside admiring their latest landscaping project, but wish to keep away from the nuisances of nature.

To find inspiration for your dream home, you can search through our sunroom photos to help you find the perfect design. Not only can these picture galleries give you ideas on your design plans, but that can also give you thoughts on sunroom decor.

When deciding on sunroom designs there are two basic plans you can choose from, you can construct a three season building or a four season building. Three season enclosures are buildings that can be used during the spring, summer, and fall, but not during the winter months. This is because three season sun room plans do not include central air or heating systems.

By not having these systems installed you can drastically reduce the cost of your sunroom additions. This type of structure is very similar to covered patio ideas, however you can protect yourself from unwanted bugs and pests. If you choose to not have a cooling or heating system you can install ceiling fans to chill the room. You can also bring in portable space heater into the space to make the room usable during the winter.

A four season building, on the other hand, can be used during all seasons of the year because a heating and cooling system is installed. This can make the cost of a sunroom addition higher, however it will also make it more functional.

When it comes to decorating sun rooms there are many options to choose from for your design. sunroom furniture can either be indoor pieces like couches, ottomans, and armchairs that you would put in your living room, or it can be of the outdoor variety. You can choose furniture pieces that you would usually place on your decks and patios, because they are very durable and will match the outdoor decor of the room.

Now a days outdoor rooms furniture comes in a variety of options and often mimics the look and feel of indoor pieces. One great benefit using outdoor furniture in your sunroom decorating is that it will allow you to use the space as an area to lounge after coming in from outside. If you have a pool in your yard you can use glass sun rooms as a pool house, in that you can come inside right from the pool and sit and relax without having to worry about soiling the furniture. If you use your sunporch this way you will want to ensure that you have proper flooring, such as tile or painted cement to keep the mess down.

You may be wondering how much will my sun room cost? Well that will all depend on the materials used to build the structure as well as who will be constructing it. You can use a variety of materials to build your conservatory sunroom, such as brick, wood, glass, or even breeze block. Brick and wood are the best materials to use as support for your sun patio enclosures, and are often relatively cheap.

Glass panels are also great to make unique curved glass sunrooms, but will be more costly. Another thing to consider when constructing an outdoor patio sunroom is who the builders are. Hiring a contractor to build your deck sunroom can end up costing you a lot of money. one benefit is that they are trained professionals so they will construct a sturdy, durable, and safe sunroom for your home. However there are many diy sunroom plans that you can find online to construct on your own.

You can find many vendors that sell do it yourself sunroom kits, that can help you to drastically reduce the money spent on this structure. A diy sunroom kit is like purchasing glass conservatories in a box! One particularly popular kit is a solarium sunroom. This is a system that has an all glass roof structure with two or three wall designs that allows you to add a beautiful glass roof sunroom to your home at a low price.

Solarium designs are specifically made so that you can easily add a sunroom to your home plans without the hassle of living through months of construction. Sunroom kit prices are much lower than constructing a brand new building, and can fit into any budget. Something that is also much less costly is enclosing a porch that already exists.

This can be done by easily adding some retractable awnings or patio screen to your existing deck. By screening in a porch you can easily create patio rooms that you can enjoy the outdoors in while still being protected from inclement weather.