Swimming Pool Patio

Swimming Pool Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Swimming Pool Patio

Swimming Pool Patio - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Whether you are entertaining guests, hanging out with the family, or just relaxing outside on your own, a back yard swimming pool design adds an element of fun that will help make your summer days more enjoyable.

In addition, outdoor pools also enhance the retail value of homes as well. But because pools are so large, they often become the center of attention for the backyard, both recreationally and visually. Because of this, you want to make sure that your pool adds to the landscape of the yard in an aesthetically pleasing way.

While you can design the backyard landscape around the swimming pool, the most important element of an outdoor pool is the patio.

Whether you have an in ground or an above ground pool, the addition of a patio is not only a great way to connect your house and swimming pool, but also to add an element of beauty to your landscape turning your backyard into an oasis. The do it yourself design ideas you come up with for your small outdoor patio is dependent on the type of pool you have, if you want to connect your house to the pool, and the material of the patio.

For homeowners with an above ground pool, a patio elevated above the ground as well is an excellent way to increase the size of the space. Outdoor patio designs surrounding these types of pools are usually made of wood and encircle perimeter of the pool, giving you a space to sit near the pool and enjoy the summer days. In-ground pools often come with a patio surrounding the pool.

  • Depending on the shape of the pool, a patio landscape design may loop around the pool in a circular shape, or box off the yard in a square.
  • These patios can be made from cement, stone, and sometimes wood, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

A fence can also be added to both above ground and in-ground pool patios to protect children from entering the pool unsupervised, or to keep pets and other animals out. Depending on how you use your swimming pool, you can design the patio to fit your needs. For those who enjoy relaxing at the side of the pool, entertaining guests, or sunbathing, it is a good idea to design a spacious patio to enable these activities.

One side of the patio at the edge of the pool can be expanded to serve as a recreational area. Once this diy patio design is set, you can add pool furniture or other accessories to your patio to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living area.

Chaise lounge chairs can be placed at the side of the pool allowing for the ultimate relaxation while sunbathing, a dining set can be placed in the corner, allowing you to serve meals and entertain guests poolside during the warmer months, or an outdoor fireplace can be added to warm your patio as the summer comes to an end so you can extend the use of the pool past the summer.

The pool furniture you choose to add depends on the purpose you want your pool patio to serve and the style you are trying to achieve. You can select your outdoor furniture from a variety of different materials and styles ranging from sleek, stainless steel, to simple, durable teak wood outdoor furniture. When designing your patio, you may also want to consider if you would like your pool to be connected to the house or not.

For those homeowners who entertain guests often for meals or parties, connecting the patio to the house is a good option because it allows the guests and host easy access to the house to bring out meals and utensils. Similar to an above ground pool deck, a patio connection between the house and pool is also convenient for families with children who use the pool often in that it provides a path between the home and pool, preventing grass and dirt from being tracked into the house.

The type of connection you build between your home and pool depends on the distance the pool is from your house. If your pool is located in the middle of the yard, far from your home, you may choose to connect the two with a path that could be made of stone or brick. If your pool is close to your home, you can connect the two by extending the patio all the way to the edge of the house, creating a large space for entertaining guests or relaxing by your swimming pool.

There are endless design possibilities for your pool patio that can turn your small backyard ideas in to a sanctuary.