Small Swimming Pool

Small Swimming Pool - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small Swimming Pool

Small Swimming Pool - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

As summer approaches, many homeowners are looking for a way to enhance their backyards and create the perfect relaxing escape from everyday life.

  1. Outdoor swimming pools are the perfect addition to any size yard, providing you and your family with a refreshing summer getaway in your own backyard.
  2. While there are many different design options for you to choose from, designing pools for your home becomes difficult when your property is small or awkwardly shaped.
  3. The key to creating the perfect small swimming pool for your home is to keep it simple, use minimal decorations, and make the most out of your available space.
  4. Pool sizes and shapes for small backyards should maintain a basic structure, avoiding forms that waste space and create useless areas.
  5. But while the shape should stay basic, this does not mean that your yard should be void of style or flair.
  6. Continue reading for inspiration for your small swimming pool designs ideas and pictures to help you create a beautiful personalized backyard water getaway.

There are a variety of easy techniques that any diy homeowner can utilize to help them to design the perfect small outdoor pool. Inground swimming pools are the best option for small yards because they take up less space and help to create the illusion of a larger yard. Back yard pools that are built into the ground can be designed in an assortment of ways. The most practical choice is a mini pool.

Mini pools take up very little yard space and are great for lounging and taking a quick dip in the water too cool off on a hot day. Small inground pools are a better option though, because they take up less visual space and blend into the landscape nicely.Mini built in pools are usually circular and can be completely set into the ground or halfway above ground.

For small yards with pools, consider placing the structure in the corner of your property. This allows you to maintain an open yard and isolates the swimming area to create a private space for your pool. If you prefer a little more panache in your design, creating a custom shaped pool is the best option for you.

Custom pools come in a wide array of shapes and styles that can accommodate any type of undersized property.  The best small backyard designs in make use of kidney bean, oval, or geometric shape pools. Oval pools can be placed in the center of the yard and provide you with a space to relax, or swim laps for fitness. Kidney bean shaped backyard pools are also ideal for swimming laps, however, this style accommodates those who want to lounge in the water while others are exercising.

Our photo galleries swimming pool photos can help you to determine the best shape for your yard by showing you popular styles and award winning designs.  Small fiberglass pools often come in oval or square shapes where materials such as gunite and cement can accommodate home built pools with custom forms. The size, shape, and material will factor into your entire pool installation cost.

Smaller designs with fiberglass frames will be the least expensive option for in ground pools, however, installing an above ground pool will save you the most money.

There are a variety of small above ground pools to choose from, each of which fit perfectly into tiny spaces and accommodate your daily needs. The most common above ground structures include children’s wading pools and intex frame pools. Small portable pools built for children are ideal for homeowners who would like to provide a swimming space for their family, but not have a permanent edifice in their yard.

Other small yard ideas include installing an intex frame pool, which consists of a metal frame and durable plastic liner that creates the ultimate water escape at a low price. This type of above ground pool is a great choice for homeowners who want a large swimming area but do not want it permanently set up in the yard. Intex frames come in small pool kits with all the materials that make set up and break down easy, allowing you to choose when your swimming area is set up in the yard.

If you prefer to keep the intex frame set up all year round, consider placing a small pool cover over it to prevent the water from becoming contaminated with dirt, insects, and leaves.

  • If you prefer a more elaborate design for your small outdoor pool, consider creating a luxury retreat in your backyard.
  • One of the most popular designs for a small swimming pool makes use of a spa type design.
  • Pools and spas provide you with a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your backyard and give you a place to relax after a hard day’s work.
  • The easiest way to incorporate a spa design into your landscaping with pool is to install a hot tub.

Small round hot tubs can be placed in the yard, on the patio or incorporated into small deck plans because they do easily fit in the corner of the yard or floor space. In addition, if you choose to incorporate your hot tub into your deck plans, you have the option of placing it on top of your deck flooring for an above ground structure, or set into the frame for a more uniform, inground look. Inground hot tubs and small pools are the top choice for at home spas because they create the illusion of more space in the yard. In addition to the hot tub or small pool, a variety of accessories can be added to the deck to enhance your spa design.

To create the most relaxing outdoor environment, pool deck ideas for inset hot tubs or swimming areas should contain a type of seating area that will create a more functional space. Benches with storage, sofas, lounge chairs and dining sets are popularly used in outdoor living areas with a small pool or hot tub because they create a comforting atmosphere that will benefit the whole family.

Soft cushions and sofa pillows can be added to provide additional comfort to the seating to enhance the tranquil feel of your deck area. For those homeowners looking to add a swimming area to your home for working out, popular swimming pool ideas include constructing a lap lane or fitness pool. Lap pools are long, but thin structures that provide enough space for one individual to swim.

These types of pools can be placed in the edge of a yard along the property line or fence to save space in your yard. Other smaller fitness pools, such as an endless pool, can be purchased and set up in your yard to provide a small, personal lap pool for you and your family.